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Breathwork Classes

Breathwork is the technique of teaching you how to optimize your brain function utilizing established breath techniques to control your physiology and your response to life’s stressors.

These breathing techniques will provide you with valuable insights about how you can become healthier and happier person through proper breathing, and will provide you with a path to a long healthy breathwork practice.

Benefits of our Breathwork Classes

  • Learn the critical link between breathing and mitochondria (your cellular energy generators) -- and how a specific breathing routine can supercharge them.
  • Learn the science-backed breathing techniques that optimize your brain function (decrease anxiety, balance neurotransmitters, eliminate brain fog, improve your sleep, regain your energy).
  • Learn how dysfunctional breathing (which most people have) causes fatigue, weakens immune function, and wires your brain into chronic stress/anxiety.
  • Learn breathing techniques that will put your body and mind into a state of coherence.
  • Learn one of the most effective techniques for calming your body and emotions. You can use it anytime, anywhere.