Hypnotherapy in Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Hypnotherapy was officially acknowledged in 1958, by the American Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association as a valid medical therapy, acceptance by health professionals has been slower. According to an article in the 2005 issue of Mayo Clinical Proceedings, a substantial body of research has demonstrated the efficacy of hypnotherapy as part of the integrative treatment of many conditions that traditional medicine has found difficult to treat.

In fact, hypnosis has shown not only to reduce anxiety in medical conditions but also change physiological parameters and has been effective in the management of diabetes, including regulation of blood sugar, increased compliance, weight loss in adults as well as adolescents.

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How Stress Can Affect Blood Sugar?

One of the first methods of improving Type 2 diabetes and decreasing the incidence of complications is controlling blood sugar levels. Hormones excreted during times of stress produce and release glucose into the bloodstream. This extra glucose provides energy for the body to deal with stress. Short-term stress can cause a temporary increase in glucose, chronic or long term stress can have a more significant and lasting effect on blood sugar levels. People with diabetes or pre-diabetes may be particularly susceptible to the impact of stress on blood sugar levels.

Stress can lead to “insulin resistance”, and when cells become resistant to insulin, it becomes harder for glucose to enter the cells leading to high blood sugar levels

Stress can lead to altered eating habits, such as emotional eating, binge eating, or consuming more high sugar and high calorie foods.

Stress can lead to disrupted sleep patterns. Lack of sleep or poor sleep can lead to insulin resistance and impair blood sugar regulation.


Behavior Modification in Diabetes

Hypnotherapy can target and modify unhealthy behavior and habits that contribute to poor diabetes management. It can help address issues of lack of exercise, non-compliance with medication or treatment plans and emotional eating. Through hypnotherapy, clients subconscious can be motivated and better able to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.


Pain Management

Some clients may experience neuropathic pain or chronic pain associated with diabetes. Hypnotherapy techniques such as guided imagery or visualization can help clients manage pain perception, and reduce reliance on pain medication.


Diabetic Complications

According to an online article published in 2017 on Hypnosis in Diabetes, one of the most problematic diabetic complications that is responsible for amputations is a diabetic foot ulcer and, according to the article, hypnosis “has shown positive results in increasing peripheral blood circulation and decreasing diabetic foot problems”.

By enhancing self-awareness and promoting positive thinking, hypnotherapy can help clients alter beliefs and behaviors and develop a more focused mindset toward management of their diabetes and increased focus and motivation can lead to better adherence to diet, medication schedules and blood sugar monitoring. Contact us today at Mindset Solutions.