This is my story about how Dr. Patrick Watson changed my life in 2 ½ months. I had a traumatic childhood and for almost 60 years I have been fighting with the demons that came with that type of childhood.

I started seeing psychiatrists and psychologists at a very young age and well into my adulthood trying to deal with feelings of anger, regret, and most importantly, trying to truly feel love for my family and for myself. I understood all the mechanics of love, but I did not have a good reference on how to feel love.

I was constantly in a fight or flight mode which started to affect my health by increasing my blood pressure that my doctor couldn’t control through medications. It was hard for me to lose weight because I was stress eating all the time.

It was a constant battle fighting with the demons of my past which kept me in that “fight or flight” mode which affected my blood pressure, which was classified as “moderately controlled”.

I found Dr. Watson and set up my first visit and when I met him, I told him that I was “very skeptical and the only reason I was here, was to prove to myself that this would work either”. I had done research on hypnotherapy and was not truly sold on the idea but talk therapy proved to be ineffective for me personally.

Long story short, after about 2 ½ months the constant background noise in mind had ceased to exist and I was able to think more clearly and for the first time in my life, truly knew what it was to feel love for myself and my wife. It was even very lonely at first because I didn’t have the constant reminders of my past running on a loop.

In one of the last two sessions that I had with Dr. Watson, I was able to push the main “demon” out of my mind and it was an overwhelming emotional experience. I felt like I had gone 10 rounds in a boxing ring with somebody because every muscle in my body was sore, but I felt so much peace, happiness, and love deep down in my core.

In conclusion, Dr. Watson did more for me and 2 ½ months than any psychologist or psychiatrist it done for me and 60+ years. My wife has told me that I am a different person because now I seem to be happier, more relaxed, and much easier to live with after 45 years of marriage.

Thank you so much Dr. Watson