Whether you hope to enhance your relationships, work performance, and quality of life or improve symptoms of mental health concerns such as trauma, anxiety, depression, or ADHD, as well as others, we are here to help. Utilizing a variety of assessment modalities and working together, we will select the type of meditation to teach and guide you in achieving a mindful meditative state, and achieve clarity.

One fallacy about meditation is that one size fits all. NeuroMeditation is the application of brain-based principles to meditative practices. With a thorough understanding of the neurobiological mechanisms of action and clinical effectiveness of different meditative practices, we are able to shift the brain into a healthier and more balanced way of relating to and experiencing the world.

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At Mindset Solutions, our meditation classes are designed to provide personalized guidance and instruction based on your unique needs and goals. Our experienced instructors specialize in NeuroMeditation, allowing us to tailor the practice to address specific mental health concerns or areas of focus.

By combining neuroscience and meditation, we create a powerful synergy that promotes positive changes in brain function and emotional well-being. Through scientifically grounded techniques, we help you cultivate a more balanced and resilient mind, enabling you to navigate life's challenges with greater ease and clarity.

Our meditation classes are available both in-person and virtually, providing flexibility and accessibility. Whether you prefer the comfort of your own space or the supportive environment of a group setting, we have options to suit your preferences.

Experience the transformative effects of NeuroMeditation and discover the power of a balanced mind. Join our meditation classes today and unlock your full potential for growth, healing, and well-being. Our team of dedicated instructors is here to guide you on your journey to a calmer, more centered, and fulfilled life.

Don't wait to start your meditation practice. Find the most effective meditation classes in Ocala, or online, with Mindset Solutions and embark on a path of self-discovery, inner peace, and personal growth.

Applications of NeuroMeditation Include:

  • Goals of Focus Meditation:

    Increases Sustained Attention/ Improves Concentration and Focus

  • Who can benefit from Focus Meditation?

    Clients with ADHD/Cognitive Decline/ Memory Issues, Active Depression

  • Goals of Mindfulness Medication:

    Controlling negative self-talk/ Decrease Worry and Obsessive thinking/ Increase Calm and emotional self-awareness

  • Who can benefit from Mindfulness Meditation?

    Clients with Anxiety/Chronic Stress/ADHA/Toxic Lifestyle addictions

  • Goals of Open-Heart Meditation:

    Increases feelings of empathy, generosity and gratitude

  • Who can benefit from Open Heart Meditation:

    Clients with Depression (not active)/ Unresolved Grief/ Chronic Resentment.

  • Goals of Quiet Mind Meditation:

    Quiets the Mind/Minimize internal self-talk

  • Who can benefit from Quiet Mind Meditation?

    Clients suffering from Chronic pain/ OCD/Substance Abuse